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To the People of San Diego

I am currently a full time returning student at City College. I have decided to put my name on the ballot for the special election July 26, because I feel it is time to have a person run who is not a politician. I think we need a strong Mayor to take responsibility and fix the mess we are in. I am against city bankruptcy and if elected will give 35% of my salary as Mayor to a special fund for the city pension deficit and have an emergency city tax for a limited time to correct this problem. I know this is not much but it will show the people I am serious.
I feel that it is time to give the city to the people and if elected I will have a weekly town meeting. This will be to inform the people on what I have learned and to keep everyone informed. We will learn together. I will work with our local government to make our city the best city in the country.


Contact info:
Les Swazzo
3357 Grim Ave
San Diego, CA 92104
(619) 607-5878

Les Swazzo